Aircraft Purchases Breakdown

The Air Force seeks to buy 54 airplanes (30 manned and 24 remotely piloted) in Fiscal 2013, drawing from the $11 billion for aircraft procurement in its base budget request. This includes: 24 MQ-9s, 19 F-35As, four CV-22s, four MC-130Js, two AC-130Js, and one HC-130J, according to service budget documents. The Navy wants to purchase 192 (99 fixed-wing platforms, 82 helicopters and 11 RPAs) next fiscal year using the $17.1 billion it has requested for aircraft procurement. The Army intends to acquire 222 (128 new helicopters, 75 remanufactured helicopters, and 19 new RPAs) under its $6.3 billion aircraft-procurement request. In Fiscal 2012, the Air Force will acquire 132 aircraft (53 manned fixed-wing, six helicopters, and 73 RPAs) under Congress’ enacted defense appropriations. They are: 48 MQ-9s, 22 small RPA, 18 F-35As, nine C-27Js, six LAAR airplanes, six MC-130Js, five CV-22s, four HH-60G operational loss replacements, three C-37As (lease to purchase), three HC-130Js, three RQ-4s, two common vertical lift support platforms, one AC-130J, one C-17, and one C-130J. The base budget covers the purchase of 61 of the 132, while overseas contingency operations accounts fund the other 71 (48 MQ-9s, 22 small RPA, and one HH-60G).