Air Force Magazine Presents New Book

Airpower Classics is a new, 136-page, coffee-table size, hardbound book (with laminated dust jacket) that captures the vintage aircraft from Air Force Magazine’s one-page Airpower Classics series. The first 60 aircraft from this imaginative series have been printed in full color on art paper and collected in this visually stunning book. The giant 14.5 inch x 11.5 inch horizontal format showcases the vivid aircraft illustrations—classic fighters, bombers, transports, and recce aircraft—created by Air Force Magazine’s Zaur Eylanbekov, with supporting text by world-renowned aviation writer Walter J. Boyne. Each listing contains additional historical facts and photos that did not appear in the magazine version. Airpower Classics provides a captivating look into the history of military aircraft around the world. It will be an irreplaceable source of visual enjoyment, memories, and reference. To order please click “Preorder Now” or call us at 1-800-727-3337. (For list of aircraft see Contents page.)