Air Force Halts Most Personnel Moves to Egypt

The Air Force announced on Wednesday it’s temporarily halted the movement of most airmen to Egypt, including permanent-change-of-station moves and most temporary duty assignments, following the State Department’s ordered departure of all US dependents and non-mission-essential personnel from the country. This action comes after the Egyptian military deposed President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 and temporarily suspended the country’s constitution; violence has gripped that nation. The stop-movement order, signed off by the military attaché office at the American Embassy in Cairo, is in effect until further notice, states Air Force Personnel Center’s July 10 release. “The order affects both military and civilian Air Force members,” said Ron Gallucci of AFPC’s assignment programs and procedures branch. Stateside-based airmen projected to move to Egypt, and those who have out-processed, but have not departed from their current duty station, must not depart or proceed, states the release. Airmen stationed overseas who have a projected assignment to Egypt and a July or August return-from-overseas date who have not yet departed the overseas area must consult with their current base personnel section, states the release. (JBSA-Randolph report by SSgt. Ian Hoachlander)