A Growing Mission

Air Force Special Operations Command’s foreign internal defense mission is expected to move across town from Hurlburt Field, Fla., to Duke Field, where Reservists assigned to the 919th Special Operations Wing will partner with their active duty counterparts in the 6th Special Operations Squadron, AFSOC Commander Lt. Gen. Eric Fiel told the Daily Report. This will be the first time that Reservists will participate in the command’s foreign internal defense mission, he said in an interview. FID outreach and training helps teach US partners to apply airpower in countering internal threats. Fiel said having Reservists in the FID mission is a “win-win” because Reservists typically stay at one duty assignment throughout their careers. “You get continuity both in language training and in cultural training,” he said. Previously, the 6th SOS operated an assortment of aircraft common to other countries. In a change of approach, AFSOC now plans to purchase 16 light, fixed-wing aircraft of one type that are easy to maintain and easy to fly for the FID training. Continue