A Friendly Hercules vs. Transall

A week-long partnership at Ramstein AB, Germany, between Ramstein’s C-130Js and German air force C-160s from Lufttransportgeschwader 62 gave aircrews a first-hand comparison of their respective airlift procedures and capability in order to enhance future interoperability. “We work things very similarly for the most part,” said Capt. Matt Macfarlane, tactics officer with Ramstein’s 37th Airlift Squadron. He added, “We use a lot of the same type of procedures. . . . But there are definitely some differences,” such as varying airdrop altitudes between the two aircraft types. The USAF airmen took their German guests out to the local airdrop and landing zones to operate the C-130Js and C-160s together. In the end, the aircrews came away with a better understanding of how “different nations work with different types of aircraft,” said Maj. Stefan Schipke, LTG 62 commander. (Ramstein report by TSgt. Markus M. Maier)