AFA, USAF Partnership to Support Wounded Airmen

AFA President Craig McKinley and Daniel Ginsberg, assistant secretary of the Air Force for manpower and reserve affairs, have signed a memorandum of understanding giving AFA’s Wounded Airman Program the ability to directly support airmen and their families. The MOU enables injured airmen and their families to accept gifts such as specialized equipment, financial aid, and other quality of life assistance from AFA without first getting written approval. Typically, airmen wounded in combat, or while training for combat, cannot accept gifts with a market value that exceeds $350 per occasion, or $1,000 total per calendar year from a particular donor without first obtaining a written ethics determination, according to the MOU. Ginsberg and AFA Executive Vice President Dick Newton announced the new partnership during an Oct. 30 AFA-hosted Warrior Mixer in Colorado Springs, Colo. Airmen were there to participate in an adaptive sports camp held at the Air Force Academy.