Additional F-15C Upgrade in Store

Lockheed Martin announced Wednesday it had received a contract from Boeing to continue developing system requirements to employ Lockheed’s IRST sensor system on USAF F-15C legacy fighters. The company already has the sensor in development for the Navy’s F/A-18EF. Ken Fuhr, fixed-wing program director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, said, the contract “solidifies Lockheed Martin and Boeing’s partnership to provide first-to-see, first-to-shoot capability across the services.” According to the company release, the passive IRST sensor system, either used alone or with the F-15’s other sensors, provides increased on-board situational awareness while detecting, identifying, and engaging enemy targets at extended ranges.” Upgrades to the legacy F-15C/D fleet—intended to keep it viable until at least 2025—also include addition of a new active electronically scanned array radar; the Air National Guard received its first AESA-equipped F-15C earlier this month.