A Note from AFA’s President On the 2018 Budget

The Air Force Association is tracking the Fiscal 2018 President’s Budget and has updated our members. We are pleased to see that this budget increased needed resources to arrest the readiness declines in the Air Force, however, we have a great deal of work left to do in highlighting the need for additional procurement and modernization of Air Force weapons systems and munitions. Although this budget funds 46 Joint Strike Fighters, the number was not increased from last year’s budget. This budget funds 15 KC-46 tankers, however, at this rate it will take several decades to recapitalize the force that averages 40 years old already. The Air Force has the smallest, oldest, and least ready force in its history. AFA continues to advocate for stable and predictable spending bills, at sufficient levels, necessary for the Air Force to grow their force, modernize their bases, and recapitalize aging weapon systems.