B-52s Deploy to Europe, Joining B-2s Already in Theater

A B-2 from Whiteman AFB, Mo., refuels by night over the Arctic Circle during a Bomber Task Force Europe exercise. This was the aircraft’s first mission this far north in the European theater. US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa photo via Twitter.

The Air Force’s two nuclear-capable bombers are deployed to England, as B-52s arrived at RAF Fairford, England, this week to join B-2s that moved to Fairford for training last month.

B-52s and Reserve airmen from the 307th Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB, La., deployed to Europe to participate in the multinational Ample Strike exercise, the United Kingdom Weapons School exercise Cobra Warrior, and the NATO Days military show, according to a Sept. 5 US Air Forces in Europe release.

KC-135s from the Nebraska Air National Guard also flew to the Czech Republic for this year’s Ample Strike. Since deploying to Fairford last month, the B-2 Bomber Task Force has flown multiple firsts for the stealth bomber.

On Aug. 30, two B-2s flew with RAF F-35s for the first time, participating in a training sortie with two of the jets near Dover. On Sept. 5, a B-2 with the task force flew a sortie into the Arctic Circle, which included a night refueling. The flight was the farthest north the aircraft had flown in the European theater, according to USAFE.