386th Air Expeditionary Wing Reinvents Itself

The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia adopted a new mission, vision, and set of priorities. The new mission is to “project airpower from the ground up to promote regional security, enhance strategic access, and strengthen enduring partnerships,” according to a wing release. The revised vision promotes the organization as Air Forces Central Command’s “premier air expeditionary wing,” and the new priorities include mission readiness, strong enduring relationships, empowered leaders, and forging pride among the wing’s airmen. The new MVPs “comprehensively define . . . what exactly our purpose is here in Southwest Asia,” and support AFCENT’s “big picture” objectives, Col. John Klein, wing commander, told the Daily Report in an Oct. 11 written statement. Klein assumed command in mid-year, as did the wing’s new vice commander and command chief, spurring the MVPs’ revision, states the wing’s Oct. 2 release. The wing provides tactical airlift and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability. Its previous mission focused on empowering preparation, engagement, and defense. The former vision was to generate airpower. The old set of priorities was to prepare, engage, and defend the base, host nation, and Arabian Gulf. (386th AEW report by MSgt. Marelise Wood)