The Years Keep Rolling:

Two Air Force civilians have racked up impressive records, serving a total of 117 years in federal service—so far. Bettye Krieter started with the VA in 1948, but switched to the Air Force in 1953 after the Korean War, for which the service activated her from reserve status in Women in the Air Force (WAF). The service civilianized her position and she stayed, serving at several bases over the years as she followed her pilot husband. She started working at Patrick AFB, Fla., in 1969 and is still there. (Patrick report by Chris Calkins) In Texas, Bill Ward is retiring after a combined 57 years of service—33 as an airman and 27 as an Air Force civilian. He has worked at the Air Force Military Personnel Center, now AFPC, since 1983. (AFPC report by MSgt. James Brabenec)