Gaining Joint Realism:

Almost a year since the Joint National Training Capability achieved initial operational capability, US Joint Forces Command officials say the JNTC is progressively shifting joint training into a persistent global infrastructure. The plan includes accrediting and certifying existing service exercises that now show “a robust level of joint context.” So far, the services have nominated 25 programs for accreditation. One example is the 2005 Joint Red Flag. According to Navy Capt. David Frost, head of the JNTC’s Joint Management Office, JRF with nearly 35 sites and more than a dozen virtual links, was a fraction of the cost of the Millennium Challenge 02 experiment, which had 27 sites. Frost expects to accredit all 25 programs by December 2006. Over the next fiscal year, JFCOM plans to deploy a cadre of 35 joint training experts to assist services with joint training planning and execution on location. (Read our report on the 2005 Joint Red Flag here.)