Fallon Pushes Mil-to-Mil in Beijing

Fallon Pushes Mil-to-Mil in Beijing: Adm. William Fallon, chief of US Pacific Command, met with top Chinese leaders Thursday to talk about the country’s military buildup and, he hopes, to improve communications between Chinese and American militaries. Fallon has been pushing renewed military-to-military contact since taking over PACOM. He met with Gen. Ge Zhengfeng, the deputy chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army, and Cao Gangchuan, the defense minister. Several news reports said that both men approved of Fallon’s pitch for more exchange programs for officers, but they urged the US to reduce its military contacts with Taiwan. According to Bloomberg news service, Ge said the two countries should not view each other through the “lens of ignorance and suspicion,” while Cao said the US should “stop any official contact, especially military” with the Taiwanese.