Uniforms R Us:

The Air Force plans to replace its current battle dress uniform and the desert camouflage uniform with the new Airman Battle Uniform are well on their way, with the first ABUs destined for airmen deployed as part of Air Expeditionary Forces 7 and 8 this spring, according to Brig. Gen. Robert Allardice, director of airman development and sustainment. In an interview with SrA. J.G. Buzanowski, Allardice praised the ABU’s comfort and easy maintenance. He also noted that the service plans to begin field tests of a new service dress uniform this year. The Air Force Uniform Board process included talking “extensively to airmen” and resulted in “something they’ve repeatedly asked for,” said Allardice. After several prototypes, the service has settled on one it calls “the Heritage Jacket,” which includes some elements of uniforms worn by Air Force legends Hap Arnold and Billy Mitchell.