It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas:

As we reported earlier, the B-52 now is fully certified to fly with a blend of aviation gas and synthetic fuel derived by the Fischer-Tropsch process. Air Force Undersecretary Ron Sega, who serves his last day on the job today, confirmed that the C-17 would soon follow the big bombers. Beyond the C-17, tankers will be next in line to be certified and fighters follow after that. The service is undertaking an elaborate and deliberate process of verifying the fuel mixture’s qualities, particularly the effects it has on things like the use of fighter afterburners. The goal is to certify the entire Air Force fleet for the blend in the next few years. Simultaneously, the Air Force has to encourage industry to create refineries that can produce the alternative fuel, which should behave the same way whether it’s derived from coal, shale oil or even biomass, Sega said.