“The First Battle of Any War”:

Gen. Michael Moseley, the top uniformed official of the Air Force, penned an op/ed last week, extolling the contributions of the US Air Force over the years and noting that, although many things have changed during his 35-year career, one is constant: “the extraordinary dedication, courage, and skill of the men and women we call airmen.” Moseley goes on to describe the many daily activities of airmen—active, Guard, and Reserve—writes: “The ability of our surface combatants to look up into the sky, knowing there’s nothing to fear is priceless. Yet, air, space, and cyberspace dominance is not an entitlement—it’s a direct fight that must be won as a predicate to any other activity. The battle for air, space, and, now, cyberspace superiority has been—and will always be—the first battle of any war.”