Coming the Heritage Jacket:

The Air Force plans to field-test its proposed replacement for the blue service dress uniform this summer “if the funding comes through,” Air Force spokesman Capt. Tom Wenz told the Daily Report Tuesday. The Air Force’s top enlisted man, CMSAF Rodney McKinley, issued an “Enlisted Perspective” May 14 on the subject, writing, “The proposed heritage jacket will give us a uniform with more historical significance, better functionality, and, more importantly, will embody the warrior spirit that defines us as airmen serving in the profession of arms.” Service officials have been working on the new uniform for a year, gaining inspiration from uniforms worn in the days of Air Force legends Hap Arnold and Billy Mitchell. Last month, Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley told airmen at Goodfellow AFB, Tex., that the service had taken comments from airmen and deliberately not rushed the process to ensure “what gets out to all of you is what you really want.”