USAF Still Training Iraqi Airmen:

Brig. Gen. Steve Hoog, director of the air component coordination element for the Multinational Force-Iraq, talking with Pentagon reporters via teleconference, expressed optimism about USAF’s ongoing work to create a new Iraqi Air Force. Hoog said that the fledgling IqAF has flown more than 454 sorties since March, racking up 600 flight hours in a fleet of small prop airplanes, Bell 206 helicopters, and a former USAF C-130. The Iraqi airmen have moved more than 6,000 Iraqi troops and coalition forces, along with 460 tons of cargo. They’ve also conducted some 200 ISR missions. USAF plans to begin follow-on training for Iraqi airmen in spring 2007 and expects to have trained 2,500 IqAF personnel by the end of 2007.