More Relief to Peru:

Air Force medical personnel from Goodfellow AFB, Tex., and Lackland AFB, Tex., joined the personnel dispatched from Joint Task Force-Bravo in Honduras last week to aid relief operations in Peru following the 8.0 magnitude earthquake on Aug. 15. According to a US Southern Command release, the Goodfellow-Lackland team comprises 14 doctors, a physician assistant, a pharmacist, and six medical technicians. The JTF-Bravo team left Peru on Aug. 22, but the new team plans to remain in Peru until early September. It brought in $65,000 in medical supplies and quickly began treating villagers displaced by the quake and others in the area. Another Air Force medical contingent, this one from Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., plans to deploy to Peru from Aug. 31 to Sept. 14 to provide care to poor residents of Lima, a city of some eight million inhabitants.