Japanese Airmen Face “Combat”:

Among forces participating in the third Red Flag-Alaska of the year, which got underway last week, are airmen of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. According to the flight commander of the Japanese forces, Col. Kyuichiro Tanaka, it marks the first time JASDF airmen will train against an aggressor squadron, a hallmark feature of Red Flag exercises. Six Japanese F-15s flew from Hyakuri Air Base and 21 JASDF members traveled aboard a USAF KC-10 to Eielson AFB, Alaska, reports SSgt. Shawn Jones. Besides those who came from Japan, this Red Flag-Alaska has participants from USAF, US Navy, Mongolia, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey. During the exercise, aviation units will fly 10 simulated combat sorties in a realistic threat environment. The exercise concludes July 27.