Georgia ALC Turns C-5s Faster, Way Faster:

The technicians at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center at Robins AFB, Ga., completed routine depot maintenance for C-5 #87040 in just 159 days, beating the previous record by 12 days. What’s more, a year ago, the same process took 200 days. For the most recent Galaxy, the Robins team used new project management software called Concerto, which gave them a visual depiction of the aircraft, the tasks, and status of each task—part of the process called critical chain project management. David Mann, C-5 Production Section chief, said the 160-day flow rate will be maintained for both C-5A and C-5B aircraft despite the older A-model’s demands for more man hours, thanks to new techniques, management, and the work ethic of the depot.