USAFE to Consolidate Isolated Elements:

Speaking to a breakfast gathering on Capitol Hill Tuesday, US Air Forces in Europe commander Gen. Tom Hobbins said that USAFE hasn’t seen the last of its transformation efforts—or downsizing. Despite earlier comments that USAFE has taken its share of cuts, Hobbins says he may move some elements within the command. He believes that there are more “efficiencies” to be had, specifically mentioning isolated activities at the former Sembach and Bitburg Air Bases in Germany and former Izmir AB, Turkey. Hobbins said there is a NATO facility at Izmir that could be joined up in one location and consolidated with USAFE. Bitburg still houses a medical facility, housing, and a school that USAFE now wants to move over to Spangdahlem. “We want to use resources more effectively and consolidate,” he added.