AT-38 Takes Last Official Flight:

Two senior officers of the 80th Flying Wing at Sheppard AFB, Tex., shared the honor of flying the final mission of the AT-38 Talon on April 14. The upgraded T-38C now will serve as the primary introduction to fighter fundamentals aircraft. During the final flight, Col. Jeffrey Kendall, the 80th Flying Training Wing commander, and Lt. Col. Richard McCool, 88th Flying Training Squadron commander, flew opposite an IFF student flying a T-38C. Since 1994, the 80th FTW has flown 62,596 hours in the AT-38, with students across Air Education and Training Command flying 173,595 training sorties. The “C” model features an improved avionics suite and displays, providing a smoother transition to the newer fighters the students go on to fly. Sheppard will receive all 124 of its new “C” models over the next 23 months, with the first 25 designated for IFF training.