Grabbing ILO By the Horns:

Air Force personnel and manpower chief, Lt. Gen. Roger Brady told Pentagon reporters Tuesday that one of the big challenges his shop is trying to tackle is making sure airmen are being appropriately used in theater for In-Lieu-Of taskings—better known as ILOs. “We need to make sure that their training is relevant to the task they’re being asked to perform,” Brady said. “We don’t want them doing things that put them or the mission at risk.” He said that the number of ILOs has gone up slightly with the buildup involved with the Baghdad Security Plan, but that USAF is “scrutinizing” where airmen are being tasked. He notes that in some cases, inertia may have taken over since requirements have dried up and airmen are no longer needed in a particular role. While there is not deadline on the effort, Brady said he’s getting pressure to deal with the ILO situation sooner rather than later and is working with combatant commanders to make sure that the right airmen are in the right places.