TSAT Delay? Not Really:

Addressing reports that the Air Force’s Transformational Satellite Communications program could be delayed in order to generate savings, Undersecretary of the Air Force Ronald Sega gave the program a clean bill of health talking with defense reporters Wednesday. “We’re in the early part of the satellite part of the program,” Sega said. The Air Force is under contract to begin work on the ground segment and integrate the program into the Air Force’s networks and build a net-centric interface next year, he added. Due to Sega’s new “back to basics” space acquisition approach, the service has postponed producing a full-up end state right away, instead it has opted for a first block with a reduced capacity in bandwidth and laser communications. However, expect Block II to have the original specifications. “We’re basically on track at this point,” said Sega, noting that the fall budget review is under way and is a work in progress at this point.