Losing the Provisional:

The formal standup of the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center is scheduled for March 28 at Scott AFB, Ill. The ceremony will come less than one year after USAF established the center on a provisional basis at Scott. The center, or AFGLSC, will be the hub for the Air Force’s supply chain management. It will connect logistics experts from around the Air Force to link wholesale and retail logistics, as well as integrate and oversee all logistic processes, technology, and resources. The goal is to deliver end-to-end warfighter support with increased velocity and reduced cost. Although headquartered at Scott, the center is part of Air Force Materiel Command. Following unit activation, there will be approximately 4,500 people transitioning into the AFGLSC, although the vast majority of personnel will remain at their current operating locations. (Wright-Patterson report by Ron Scharven)