Moving on to the Lightning:

Speaking with reporters at Langley AFB, Va., Gen. Ronald Keys, head of Air Combat Command, acknowledged that he has to be realistic about the number of F-22A Raptors he will get. “I’ve always said I need 381,” asserted Keys. However, the approved number now is just 183, so he says, “If that’s all I get, that’s all I get.” Above all, said Keys, the Air Force doesn’t want to have a lapse where there would not be a fifth generation fighter in production, and if that happens to be the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, then so be it. “I’m not inclined to buy F-22s over JSFs, because JSF is “A” working and “B” it’s coming online,” Keys said. “I need more new airplanes.” Asked about a suggestion made last month to up the number of Raptors by 20, Keys said it would be nice but he hasn’t heard any support from Congress on the matter.