Uncertainty Over Fate, but Named:

The head of the coalition air component in Iraq, USAF Brig. Gen. Stephen Hoog, told reporters that a “definitive answer” to the puzzle of what happened to the pilot of the F-16 that crashed in Iraq early Monday is yet to come. (The Pentagon on Wednesday released his name: Maj. Troy Gilbert from Luke AFB, Ariz. Officials earlier had confirmed the aircraft was from Cannon AFB, N.M.) Hoog said that investigators poured over the crash site late Monday and all Tuesday, finding “very limited DNA samples” and aircraft parts, including the ejection seat. However, he said the seat “wasn’t found in a position that indicated one way or the other” as to whether the pilot had used it to eject before the crash. Other coalition aircraft overhead “immediately after the crash,” said Hoog, “did observe insurgents in the vicinity.” Hoog could not say how long the insurgents were at the site before coalition ground forces established control.