A Measure of Risk:

The head of Air Combat Command, Gen. John Corley, has declared that all USAF F-15s can fly again, following an inspection “focused on the areas just aft of the cockpit and slightly forward of the inlets.” In a message last week to all F-15 pilots, weapons systems officers, and maintainers, Corley described actions ACC has taken since the Nov. 2 crash of an Air National Guard F-15C and subsequent grounding of the entire F-15 fleet. He explained that the “structurally different” E models had been cleared to fly first because the “problems identified during years of A-D model usage were designed ‘out’ of the E model.” Corley noted that the accident investigation continues, but “in-depth technical reviews” by structural engineers led the command, in consultation with the F-15 depot, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia, to determine the focus for aircraft inspections. Corley acknowledged that “mission accomplishment entails risk,” however he urged individual airmen to “ensure all operations and maintenance parameters are in order before flight.”