Is F-22 Multiyear Circling the Drain?

Yet another report surfaces criticizing the Air Force plan to use a multiyear approach to purchase future F-22A Raptors—this one from the Government Accountability Office. An earlier independent review commissioned by USAF also found that the service’s proposal to stretch out procurement of the last 60 fighters would not save the money USAF expects. All of this, of course, fuels the fires of many lawmakers who have questioned the arrangement. Both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees tied any multiyear deal to a requirement for USAF to provide clear justification. Service leaders had hoped to use multiyear funding to keep the line going to offset any delays for the F-35 and, if possible, squeeze out a few more Raptors. Even as hope dims, CongressDaily reports that Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) is leading a charge to save the multiyear deal.