Age Is Not the Only Issue

New Mexico lawmakers may be willing to let go of the 20-year-old F-117 stealth fighter—in exchange for another fighter or, perhaps, a UAV—but the same does not apply to their counterparts in Louisiana and North Dakota, which host the Air Force’s fleet of 40-year-old B-52s. USAF wants to pare the fleet down to 56 bombers, but there is no replacement within sight. In an interview with the National Journal, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) says the issue should be one of efficiency. He maintains the B-52, as the “most efficient” bomber in the force, should not be sacrificed to pay for upgrades on the B-1B and B-2 bombers. Meanwhile, NJ reports that the Louisiana contingent plans to meet with Air Force officials on Tuesday to discuss the bomber situation.