The People Cuts Are Real

Wynne and Moseley also briefed reporters on the Air Force plan to begin reducing its strength by 40,000 personnel. They indicated that the cuts will be spread fairly evenly across all six years from 2006 through 2011, and they will target active, reserve, and civilian personnel. Starting in Fiscal 2006, USAF plans to cut approximately 6,800 and cut roughly the same number each year through Fiscal 2011. Wynne believes that reduced accession and normal attrition can take care of most of the reduction. He said that it’s a “manageable” process. Wynne explained, “We have a very … structured plan and a good one, to try and minimize any disruption in people’s lives.” Moseley said that the service is working through this process right now trying to hold down officer accessions and still sustain a suitable training and education pipeline.